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Breedon Trading Limited (trading as Welsh Slate) has submitted two planning applications for Penrhyn Quarry. The first planning application seeks a small lateral extension to the working area of the quarry at its south-western corner. Land associated with the proposed extension lies wholly within the boundary of the current planning permission. The second planning application seeks to amend the current planning permission in so far as it relates to the life of the quarry.

These proposals have been amended from those previously consulted on between 11 December 2020 and 22 January 2021 as part of the formal Pre-Application Consultation process. In this respect, the extent of the proposed extension has been reduced to 1.6 hectares (ha) so that it lies on the inside of the drainage leat that bounds the quarry. In view of the reduced extension, and in the light of being able to sell more of the quarry waste, the requirements for additional tip capacity has reduced. Accordingly, it is no longer proposed to amend the tipping arrangements from those current approved. In fact no other changes to the way the quarry has operated over many years are proposed.

The key facts are: -

The application site is 2.3 hectares in area, but only 1.6 hectares would be quarried;

If it’s approved it will increase the amount of slate permitted to be quarried by 250 000 tonnes, or 3.6 million tonnes overall;

It’ll increase the life of Penrhyn Quarry from the end of 2023 to the end of 2035, and;

In all other respects the quarry will continue to operate as it has for many years, including the disposal of mineral waste.

The application includes: -

Forms and certificates,

Volume 1 - Planning Statement;

Volume 2 - Environmental Statement; including Volume 2A – Environmental Statement Text; Volume 2B – Environmental Statement Technical Appendices; Volume 2C – A Non-Technical Summary of the Environmental Statement;

Volume 3 – Pre-application Consultation Statement, and;

The drawings to which the Statement refer.

The application documents are available on this website for information. If you have any comments on this project please contact us via either enquiries@welshslate.com



Covering letter dated 6 April 2022;

Planning application form MIN1;

Certificate A Landownership, and;

Welsh Language Statement


Volume 1 – Planning Statement

Planning Statement Text, and;

Appendix 01 Geotechnics



Drawing PQ2-1 – Site Location Plan;

Drawing PQ2-2 – Site Setting;

Drawing PQ2-3 – Extension Area;

Drawing PQ6-1 – Landscape Designations

Drawing PQ6-2 – Topography;

Drawing PQ6-3 – Landscape Character;

Drawing PQ6-4 – Receptors;

Drawing PQ6-5 – ZTV Proposed Extension;

Drawings PQ6-6 – 14 - Viewpoint Photography;

Drawing PQ7-1 – Site Plan;

Drawing PQ7-2 - Statutory and Non-Statutory Sites;

Drawing PQ7-3 – Habitat Plan, and;

Drawing PQ7-4 - Compensation Area Habitat Plan.


Volume 2A – Environmental Statement Text


Chapter 01 – Introduction;

Chapter 02 – Site Description;

Chapter 03 – The Development and Alternatives;

Chapter 04 – Approach to EIA;

Chapter 05 – Planning Policy;

Chapter 06 – Landscape and Visual;

Chapter 07 – Ecology;

Chapter 08 – Cultural Heritage;

Chapter 09 – Water Environment;

Chapter 10 – Noise;

Chapter 11 – Air Quality;

Chapter 12 – Vibration;

Chapter 13 – Wellbeing;

Chapter 14 – Cumulative Effects.


Volume 2B – Environmental Statement Appendices

Appendix 2-1 – Geological Statement;

Appendix 4-1 – Minerals Planning Authority Scoping Opinion;

Appendix 4-2 – Ecology Scope;

Appendix 6-1 – LVIA Methodology;

Appendix 6-2 – Landscape Assessment;

Appendix 6-3 – Viewpoints Assessment;

Appendix 7-1 - Relevant Legislation and Planning Policy Wales Feb 2022

Appendix 7-2 - Habitat Survey

Appendix 7-3 - Lichen Report

Appendix 7-4 – HRA Screening Report

Appendix 7-5 – Historic Surveys Report;

Appendix 8-1 – Consultations;

Appendix 8-2 – Policy;

Appendix 8-3 – WHS Statement;

Appendix 8-4 - ASIDOHL2-revised March 2022

Appendix 8-5 - Geophysical Survey

Appendix 8-6 – Trenching Report;

Appendix 8-7 - WHS Assessment-revised 22bd February 2022;

Appendix 8-8 – Heritage Figures

Appendix 9-1;

Appendix 9-2;

Appendix 9-3;

Appendix 9-4, and;

Appendix 9-5 – Environment Statement Figures.


Volume 2C – Non-Technical Statement

Non-Technical Statement


Volume 3 – Pre-Application Consultation (PAC) Statement

PAC Statement;

Appendix A;

Appendix B;

Appendix C – Notice

Appendix D – Owner/occupier letter Welsh and England;

Appendix E – Penrhyn Quarry Leaflet English;

Appendix E – Penrhyn Quarry Leaflet Welsh;

Appendix F – email Community Council;

Appendix F – email Councillor;

Appendix G;

Appendix H, and;

Appendix I.



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