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Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen Cladding

Welsh Slate’s unique natural properties make it an ideal cladding material for both commercial and high-end residential projects.

Its a non-porous metamorphic rock which is exceptionally uniform, inert and non-combustible. These properties make it extremely resistant to weathering and chemical attack and its negligible water absorption protects it from frost. The laminate structure of Welsh Slate gives it strength and stability allowing it to be used down to 20mm thickness when utilising Welsh Slate’s Rain-Screen façade system.

Available in Honed, Riven, Textured and Sawn finishes in both Penrhyn Heather and Cwt-y-Bugail Dark Blue Grey colours.

A typical rainscreen cladding consists of a non-load-bearing external cladding material, a ventilated cavity, vapour barrier and an inner leaf. Cladding material, fixed to a supporting metal grid, protects a building’s structure from water and features a ventilated cavity behind. Joints are left open, which equalises pressure in the rainscreen cavity. With the pressure equalised within the system, water is not drawn into the cavity. Regular spaced drips are placed within the system to aid drainage of water from behind the facade. Spacing the drips will depend on the system design for any individual project.


Welsh Slate is supplied in Handset, Precast and Rainscreen - or it can be supplied to your bespoke specifications

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Welsh Slate Cladding Options

The same qualities that make it ideal as a roofing material also make it particularly suitable as a cladding material. Welsh Slate is exceptionally uniform and inert, while its negligible water absorption of less than 0.3% protects it from frost damage. Welsh Slate produce cladding directly or alternatively supply part-finished raw material for other manufacturers to fabricate.

There are three general types of natural stone cladding:

Welsh Slate offer a bespoke rainscreen façade system which can utilise slate panels down to a thickness of 20mm.  Our technical team are happy to work with you on the design.

Handset Cladding

Handset Cladding

Handset cladding – typically this method would see slate panels fixed to the existing structure. It can be used internally or externally. Panels can be wet or chemically fixed up to a height of 3m. Above 3m in height a mechanical fix must be used.

Precast Cladding

Precast Cladding

Precast cladding – as the name suggests, this system comprises precast concrete panels, which are manufactured off site. Fixings and slate facing are also installed in the factory. The modular system allows for quick and – crucially – safe on -site installation. There must also be an effective water management system for joints between panels.

Benefits of Welsh Slate Cladding

  •  Range of colours and finishes
  •  Ideal for both commercial and high-ed residential projects
  •  Non-porous
  •  Exceptionally uniform
  •  Inert
  •  Non-combustible
  •  Resistant to weathering & chemical attack
  •  Negligible water absorption
  •  UK Manufactured




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