Natural medium green slate granules

Minerals from Welsh Slate

Slate granules can be used in the production of bituminous roofing felts in a range of pigmented and natural colours as well as being bonded with resin to make a variety of products.

Welsh Slate minerals are the only manufacture of minerals for roofing felt in the UK. Ground slate has many outstanding technical properties and is used widely in a number of maufacturing processes.

Welsh Slate powders find their way into a wide variety of products including bitumen, insecticides, paint, resins, pipeline coatings, roofing and damp-course felts, automotive body under seal, terrazzo tiles and plastics.

Slate granules are available in 2 grades

Coarse used in the manufacture of torch-on felts and Medium used in the manufacture of shed felts. For more information. Please contact Welsh Slate on 01248 600656.

Coated Coarse Black Minerals

Coated Medium Black Minerals

Natural Coarse Green Minerals

Natural Medium Green Minerals

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