Welsh Slate Construction Aggregates

As a construction aggregate, Welsh Slate can be used as a granular sub-base for road building, car parks, footpaths and driveways due to its excellent load bearing qualities.

It can also be used as pipe bedding, washed sand for use in precast and ready-mixed concrete, slate sand (as a base for laying block paving), capping layers or crusher runs in road building, and as dug/fill, for filling large voids.

Welsh Slate construction aggregates are produced as a by product of roofing slate production from both current and historic workings at its quarries in North Wales.

Welsh Slate Construction Aggregate Sales

Available for collection or delivery loose or in individual bulk bags (approx. 850 kg)

Granular Sub-Base Type 1

When compacted, this provides excellent load bearing qualities used in road construction, car parks, footpaths and driveways as well as Pipe Bedding.

Pipe Bedding

Can be supplied in various sizes to suit all pipe diameters, larger sizes are suitable for French Drains and beneath foundations.

Washed Sand

For use in precast and ready mixed concrete and other manufactured construction products.

Capping Layers / Crusher Run

Used in road construction between the drainage layer and sub-base. Can also be used as bulk fill to bring up levels on site.

As Dug / Fill

Primarily used for filling large voids or ground remediation, tends to be 500mm down.

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