Proposed lateral extension to working area and changes to the form of two waste slate tips

Breedon Southern Limited are undertaking a period of consultation prior to submitting two planning applications to Gwynedd Council at Penrhyn Quarry.  The first planning application seeks a small lateral extension to the working area of the quarry, effectively ‘squaring off’ the workings at its south-western corner. Land associated with the proposed extension lies wholly within the boundary of the current planning permission. The second planning application seeks to amend the provisions of the extant planning permission in so far as it relates to the restoration scheme for the quarry (by increasing the height of two of the quarry tips following a review of tipping requirements) and the duration of extraction operations.

Copies of the files that make up the planning application can be downloaded below along with a leaflet summarising the proposals.

Please direct any questions/observations by 22 January 2021 to:

Chris Lowden – or Jo Davies –


Penrhyn Planning Statement

Geotechnical Considerations

Non Technical Summary English Language

Non Technical Summary Welsh Language

Environmental Statement Chapters

List of Contents


Site Description

Development & Alternatives

Approach to EIA

Planning Policy

Landscape & Visual


Cultural Heritage 

Water Environment


Air Quality



Cumulative Effects

Drawings Chapter 2 Site Descriptions 

Site Location plan

Site Setting

Extension Area

Drawings Chapter 6 Landscape & Visuals 

Landscape Designations

Landscape Topography

Landscape Character

Landscape Receptors

Zone of Theoretical Visibility (proposed tips)

Zone of Theoretical Visibility (proposed extension)

Viewpoint Photography (viewpoints 1-9)

Restoration Viewpoints 1-9

Restoration Restoration Proposals

Drawings Chapter 7 Ecology

Site Plan

Statutory & Non-Statutory Sites for Nature Conservation

Habitat Plan & Lichen Boulder Survey

Compensation Area Habitat Plan

Appendices Chapter 2 Site Descriptions

Site Plan

Geological Statement

Appendices Chapter 3 The Developments & Alternatives 

GWP Drawing 19WPENP1909GS-5 Proposed final excavation design incorporating proposed realignment extension area

Appendices Chapter 4 Approach to EIA

Scoping Opinion

Revised Scope of Ecology Assessment

Appendices Chapter 6 Landscape & Visual Impact 

Method Used in Assessing Landscape and Visual Effects

Assesment of Potential Landscape Effects

Viewpoint Assesment

Appendices Chapter 7 Ecology 

Legislation and Policy relevant to this EcIA

Habitat Survey

Habitat Survey Appendix 01

Lichen Survey Results Table

Report to Infom HRA

Appendices Chapter 8 Cultural Heritage 

Heritage Figures


Candidate WHS Statement of Universal Value

Assessment of the significance of the impact of the proposed development on registered historic landscapes in accordance with ASIDOHL 2

Geophysical Survey Report

Trial Trenching Report

Assessment of Candidate World Heritage Site in Relation to the Proposed Development

Appendices Chapter 9 Water 

Development Plans

Risk Assessment Methodology


Leaflet Welsh Language

Leaflet English Language