Lagan Ladies walk the walk

A “Lagan Ladies” team from has raised almost £2,000 for breast cancer research by taking part in the annual MoonWalk night walk in London.

Three current employees of Welsh Slate (finance director Nicki Oakes, payroll officer and HR administrator Rebecca Hennessey and Slateware key account manager Cheryl South were joined by former Slateware business development manager Sarah Egan for the marathon from midnight on May 14th. The four Lagan Ladies were among 15,000 participants this year

All but Nicki were new to the annual event and took part with different fitness levels and walking experience but they finished the marathon, complete with decorated bras, in 10 hours although Cheryl could only do the first half due to a pre-existing injury and Rebecca suffered injuries during the event.

Nicki, who completed the walk in 7.5 hours last year, said of this year’s joint effort: “It was very much a team effort to ensure we all got over the line. It’s real proof to all of us of what you can achieve by applying your mind and determination over the pain. Sarah has now thrown away her Fitbit!”

And next year? “It was an absolute killer and we are all pleased we did it but never again,” said Nicki.

Pictured from left: Cheryl South, Rebecca Hennessey, Nicki Oakes and Sarah Egan.